Eduland Writing Project Background

Eduland has been active in distributing education content into the Greater China market in the last years. To serve the growing needs of young kids for English reading, Eduland is creating in-house original stories for our audiences. We have over 750 writers with high English proficiency freelancing for us as of July 2021, and we are still expanding.

The project will consist of a few story series, targeting kids from 5 to 15 years old, and will be presented as leveled English reader for after school reading. There is no specific limitation on the vocabulary for each grade, but the general guideline is that the shorter the story, the simpler the vocabulary. At a later stage of the project, these stories will be graded and leveled by an experienced team of educators.

We prefer long term and committed writers given the size and scale of the project. Our goal is to create 6 to 7 different series and over 35,000 stories. You may expect a relatively long-term freelance arrangement with the project.

The first series is The Jolly Family, the details of its background can be found as followed:

Live Series: Nation X

Nation X is Earth-like with Earth customs, plants, and insects.  Geography would be different from the world we are living in since there is only one large continent on Planet X which has intelligent animals, and technology is different for some specific topics. 

The purpose of this series is to expose issues of human beings' daily lives on this planet.  That being said, everything will be the same as human society, except for character's appearances. (You may see it as the movie Zootopia if that makes sense to you.) Spirit of Nation-X is to discover issues in real life instead of creating an empty storyline.

Historical Series: The Jollys Introduction

A Los Angeles-based family with Grandpa Henry, Grandma Helen, Dad John, Mom Wendy, twin brothers Alan and Tom, a younger sister Anne, and two pets - Dog Spike and Cat Casper are the key characters.

The whole series of The Jollys will include ~8,000 leveled stories, covering 35 topics to meet most readers’ interests, such as, Geography, Health & Safety, History, Home, Human Body, Insects, Lines & Shapes, Military, Music, Nations, Nature, Politics & Governments, Science, Social Customs, Social Etiquette, Space, Sports, Transportation, Travel, Vegetables, Weather and Miscellaneous, etc.

The word count of each story is within the range of 500 to 4,000, aiming at audience from preschool to grade 9. All stories are written by experienced writers and leveled carefully by professional editors and illustrated by qualified illustrators. Each single story is accompanied by well-designed comprehension questions and its corresponding audio file. These stories are suitable for both native English readers and ESL students to read and enjoy.